World War I

Arrangements price:
Thursday at 2:30 pm, Saturday and Sunday at 3 pm
Arrangement includes:
sightseeing, entrance to Military Museum, refreshment and services of a licensed tour guide
Meeting point: Gračanička 11, in front of Eurojet travel agency
Reservations are required at least one day ahead.
Arrangement does not include:

We present you a tour dedicated to the First World War, one of the most important events that forever changed the world history. You will hear interesting stories and shocking data from the war period.

The first point of the tour is the Sava terrace where we will learn about the circumstances leading up to the war, and therefore the reasons for its creation. We continue to the Victor built in honor of the tenth anniversary of the breakthrough of the Salonika front and then to Ruzica church which appearance, ambience and ornaments testify about the period of the I World War. After a visit to the Military Museum we will see the Monument of Gratitude to France in whose place was located Monument to Karađorđe that Austrian soldiers destroyed in 1915. At Topličin wreath we will see the monument to the Duke Vuk who died on Kajmakcalan during I World War.Tour finishes in the pub Zlatna Moruna who entered the history as a rallying point of Young-Bosnian revolutionaries. You will enjoy the taste of the best Serbian beer and listen to stories aabout forging a plan by implementer of St. Vitus assassination in 1914.